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Outdoor Lighting Fixtures and Installation Basics

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures and Installation Basics
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  •    February 2, 2018
  •    Sachi (サチ) Kinoshita (木下)
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Planning your outdoor lighting fixtures properly is necessary. Whether the contemporary outdoor lighting fixtures or modern ones you wish to add, they are generally same when it comes to functionality. Aside from illuminating your exterior to improve the curb appeal, they are also to enhance the security of your home.

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Basics

Just like with indoor lighting fixture, there are three functions of outdoor lighting fixtures in general. First is the overall light to provide illumination for the space as a whole. Second is task lighting that is used to light for a certain purpose, such as to illuminate a path. Lastly, there is accent light to draw attention to any area or object. Spotlights or floodlights are most commonly used accent lighting fixtures.

The options for outdoor lighting will also require you to choose the proper light bulbs—halogen, incandescent, fluorescents, or LED bulbs. Think about how to power or wire the outdoor lighting too. Those that are placed near your home with electricity can be integrated easily into the wiring system that is already existed in your home. Alternatively, consider outdoor lighting fixtures that are solar powered which are considered more environmentally friendly and cost you less when it comes to electricity bill.

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